• Three stars since I understand that this is a no-cost plugin and I have used it previously with no issues.

    Take great care if you are using a premade, bloated theme (ours was on top of divi). Installed plugin, switched themes and everything went upside down. Main site 500, admin 500. Went through the typical rename folder process etc to disable. Still throwing the errors. It could be related to Divi, but I can’t say for sure. I’m guessing the outcome is shared between the two though. Database was still showing proper theme in wp_options.

    1- Optional – add something to index.php like “Maintenance” then die(). Just to shield users from different theme (#3)
    2- Rename plugin folder to disable.
    3- Rename current theme folder (this should unlock the admin).
    4- You will see the original theme will still be active (even though the folder was renamed). Enable any other theme.
    5- Page will refresh. You will now see the correct number of themes.
    6- Rename theme folder back to original name
    7- Refresh themes page in admin
    8- Reactivate the original theme you were using.
    9- If you added the info in #1, remove.

    I’ve been doing this for almost 13 years now and I’ve rarely, if ever, come across something that broke things as badly. Error logs were of no use. I am very capable and very few people would have likely known how to recover from this.

    Hopefully the steps above can help give the developer some insight.

    You can likely also avoid this issue by backing up your database before plugin install — always suggested and this will be a good reminder to me to do it…

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