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  • I planed using this plugin to add a custom PHP code (just showing the searchform) as a snippet. Obviously, there was an error in my PHP code, and it broke the website down, mean you can not access both frontend and backend till the time you get the issue fixed via FTP.

    So if you are about to use this plugin, be careful cause any error in your code can break your website. It is very bad.

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  • Not very fair to give the plugin a bad review because of your faulty code, isn’t?

    This can help you:

    Also if one first saves the code snippet and only later activate it, the browser back button will help to edit the broken code.


    Actually it was totally fair. I just had the same problem. Installed your plug-in, added a simple code snippet for a Pinterest site validatation, and then had the EXACT SAME THING happen to me. Blew my website up because this wonderful plugin crashed HARD. Had to go into the site via FTP and delete the plugin to get ANYTHING to execute again. Brutal. Take the feedback.

    Very unfair review. Everyone developing on a live site should think about using a staging /development site to test prior to going live. Disabling the plugin via FTP is also very quick (should take less than a minute), so hardly a Brutal event.

    Plugin Author Shea Bunge


    I’d just like to add: there are methods for recovering from buggy code without needing to use FTP at all, the easiest of which just involves adding some text to the end of the page URL. @tqhung85 @anthonyrobertshaw, you can find out about them in the FAQ.

    Also, thank you for the support @lightwavin @gabriel-reguly – we appreciate it 🙂

    This review is downright absurd. The plugin has been working fine on hundreds of websites or us.

    That guy is very funny. Reviewed his own faults, then gave the plugin a 1* and warned others against it. Wondering which part of the world he’s living in…lol.

    Been using the plugin from around the same time as his review and haven’t had a single problem with it to date.

    @anthonyrobertshaw I’m guessing you’re a novice developer (just like me). You should seek help from developers and forums to resolve problems before reviewing plugins. The error must be in your snippet, not the plugin.

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    @anthonyrobertshaw HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry. Let me catch my breath. It blew your website up? Nothing would function until you deleted your faulty code? LMAO. The fact is NOTHING happened to your website. When you input PHP code and it executes, if it throws an error, NOTHING will run. The error could be as simple as $tag== being $tag.= or a random { or even ‘.

    Even a period could break your site. The point is, if you input faulty code. Once the computer gets to that line that throws an error, it will shut it all down. You have to imagine PHP as a really lazy employee. “Ugh. There’s a pebble on the floor and in my way. I’m not doing it” and then it sits down. That’s what PHP is like. What you’re describing is “Ugh. There’s a pebble in my wa…” *EXPLODES FIERCLY DESTROYING EVERYTHING IN ITS PATH* “whyyyyyy.” As the employee dies.

    Do you see the difference? Do you see how ridiculous you sound? This was not a fair review. Sit down and LEARN if you’re going to be in this community. If you’re going to be TRASH, see yourself out.

    By the way, great plugin! I will leave a good review for you. I like this plugin because I usually have a lot of edits to make PHP and when you update, it deletes it, and it’s just a hassle. This saves a lot of time, and it doesn’t negatively impact my site in the slightest.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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