• I bought the pro version of this plugin. Be careful! With WooCommerce 4.0 it works very bad and a lot of functions are not available in combination with other plugins.Then after buying the WPSSO Core Pro will be required to buy the WPSSO JSON. I have asked my money back deleting my license but the seller refused to refund me. Don’t waste your money!

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    That is completely false.

    I have never denied any refund request from any customer and promptly process any refund request.

    You opened a claim with PayPal before requesting a refund, which freezes the funds and disables the possibility for me to refund you in a timely manner (either through the PayPal API or directly through the PayPal site). We are currently waiting for the decision of PayPal on that claim, and when they release the funds, I will be able to process the refund.

    I’ve never heard of any issues with WooCommerce v4 and all WPSSO code has been tested with WooCommerce v4.

    There is absolutely no requirement for customers to purchase the WPSSO JSON Premium add-on unless they want to replace the default Schema markup from WooCommerce by the Schema markup from WPSSO JSON Premium.


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    @jsmoriss There’s no reason to report this topic. Someone left feedback, you replied well. Let’s leave it a that. I’ve removed the modlook tag.

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    If the moderator approves, I can attach the screenshot from my WooCommerce where is reported the warning about the compatibility with this plugin and the request to buy the additional JSON plugin. I have opened a refund request with Paypal that the seller has refused, escalating by himself the claim to Paypal.
    I can also prove with the Paypal screenshoot that the seller refused the refund and opened the dispute. Can I post the photos here?

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    Thanks for looking @jdembowski — I wish there was a rule about not lying in reviews. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @risikomov opened a claim with PayPal, which locks the transaction and holds the funds while the claim is pending. I escalated the claim to get this resolved, but the customer doesn’t seem to understand the process (or he would have just asked for a refund in the first place and avoided the delay and hassle of a claim process). :-p Hopefully PayPal can rule on the claim soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @risikomov Please note that WPSSO Core Premium plugin offers Facebook / Open Graph, LinkedIn / oEmbed, Twitter Card, and Pinterest meta tags for WooCommerce products, which the WooCommerce plugin does not.

    The WooCommerce plugin does offer Schema JSON-LD markup by default, which is known to be incomplete for Google. The WPSSO Core Premium plugin shows an informational message for those customers that are not aware of this, and suggests using the WPSSO JSON Premium add-on as a possible solution. This informational message can be dismissed permanently and appears only once if dismissed. Here is that message:

    The WooCommerce v4.0.0 plugin is known to provide incomplete Schema markup for Google. The WPSSO Core Premium plugin and its WPSSO JSON Premium add-on provide a far better solution by offering complete Facebook / Pinterest Product meta tags and Schema Product markup for Google Rich Results (previously known as Rich Snippets) โ€” including additional product images, product variations, product attributes (brand, color, condition, EAN, dimensions, GTIN-8/12/13/14, ISBN, material, MPN, size, SKU, weight, etc), product reviews, product ratings, sale start / end dates, sale prices, pre-tax prices, VAT prices, and much, much more.

    * Activate the WPSSO JSON Standard add-on.

    * Purchase the WPSSO JSON Premium add-on.

    As suggested in the Setup Guide, you can (and should) submit a few product URLs to the Google Structured Data Testing Tool and make sure your Schema Product markup is complete. This notice can be dismissed permanently.


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    No, donโ€™t attach any links or links to images here.

    Do you need support or is this a review? If you need support then this is not the place.

    Edit: Ah, itโ€™s a refund conversation. Thatโ€™s not for this site and I am closing this review from further comments and replies.

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    @jsmoriss Just to be clear here, the OP isn’t lying. They may be incorrect, and they certainly may misunderstand the errors they’re getting, but that does not mean they are intentionally telling an untruth. And that’s much the problem with reports like this.

    The valid part of the review is this:

    1. The user is experiencing errors with your plugin. This could be a plugin conflict or a bug. Either way, @risikomov you should have opened a support post first.
    2. Even with those errors, they bought the pro version.
    3. They found the pro version lacked features and they had to buy an add-on to do what they wanted.
    4. That purchase upset them and they decided to give up on the plugin. They asked for a refund and accidentally (I hope) did it in a manner that prevented it from being fulfilled.

    Is any of that a lie? Nope. It’s someone’s experience. It shows missteps and possibly incorrect understanding of situations, but that does not make it a lie.

    @jsmoriss I strongly caution you to be less cavalier about slinging that word around. Remember, just because someone’s wrong doesn’t make them a liar. Be a little kinder.

    @risikomov – since you WERE a paying customer, you should have an account with them. And that means if you have screenshots of the error, you should report it to them properly. Coming to leave an angry review without at least trying to get things fixed first isn’t very kind of you. There are over 50,000 active plugins on WordPress.org and three times that outside. Of course there are going to be conflicts. Be a little more understanding.

    It cuts both ways here, folks.

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