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  • This plugin (free version) works a bit too well. It’s dangerous.

    Specifically, it has quite many false positives — the message still displays when the adblocker has been TURNED OFF, effectively stopping visitors from visiting the website. This problem does NOT occur consistently, nor does it happen with all adblocker+browser combos, so it can be tough to catch. But it DOES happen. Make sure you try that with all adblockers on all browsers.

    The Pro version seems to work better in this regard, but it doesn’t detect adblockers consistently. So it’s useless.

    The well-meaning developer is responsive, but his best support is to tell you to be “be patient”.

    In short: If you don’t want to lose viewers, avoid it.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 4 months ago by Dong Ngo.
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    I have been contacted a few times in the past by people asking for help with the plugin. I’m always looking for a way to make this plugin better. Sometimes the plugin wouldn’t behave as expected because of the new filter update, sometimes their sites were singled out and targeted. Sometimes its due to a conflict with a caching plugin, server config.

    When you reached out to me, this was no exception. I listened to your problem, I took the time out of my day to assist you even though you were the only one reporting the issue.

    The latest Pro version has a far superior detection algo, which was released, few days ago, I did notify, and asked to get back to me with any issues. Eventually I will port this new algo to the free version.

    The reason why I asked you to be patient its because of your entitled tone in your emails. You just take all the pleasure out of wanting to help you. Thats why I had to let you know. While I can understand emailing each other back and forth can be frustrating I did offered you to give me access to your site or setup a staging server so I can get it working for you ( which I dont have to do, and only doing this to help ).

    So your 2 star rating doesn’t really help to make the product better. So is your tone in your emails doesnt ignite enthusiasm, if you need help, and you want a better product, be polite, patient and cooperative. Just be less arrogant. Thanks.

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    I was enthusiastic enough to:

    1. Buy the Pro version.
    2. Send you multiple detailed videos of multiple computers/browsers/adblockers to show you how the plugin didn’t behave correctly.

    The two stars were for the fact you mean well — as I stated. As for the product, it’s dangerous, and folks should check it for false positives.

    I’m a paying customer, and as such, I do have certain expectations. In my case, I paid for the product, then spent hours on troubleshooting, then lost thousands of views during the course of using the product. Yet, it seems you expected me to be your beta tester, and that you could only work on the issues during weekends. So, what did I pay for exactly?

    I know full well that things are complicated, but you need to do the QA before selling something. By the way, the latest version was the worst, and I was out of patience.

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    Plugin Author digitalapps


    The latest version works flawlessly. Full QA was completed on multiple browsers with multiple adblockers.

    On the technical level, pro version has the best algo, much better than the free version.

    If you are not happy with the product, feel free to request a refund. Im sorry I couldnt help you.

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