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  • The BDP RSS Aggregator captures RSS feeds for the sites you select and displays them on your web site. It does this without using cron. Instead, every time someone visits your site, that hit is used to poll the most out of date feed on your feed list. The Aggregator is fully configurable from the WordPress dashboard.

    An example of the Aggregator at work can be seen here.

    Alpha version 0.3.0 was released on Friday 21 July 2006. The plugin is here. This version has been updated to use MagpieRSS that comes with WordPress. It now allows for automatic fractional GMT adjustments. There is additional information on the control panels, including the age of the most recent post from each feed. Links can be launched in new windows. Feed names can be permanently changed.

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  • Updated to version 0.3.2 – hopefully all the glitches have now been addressed.

    Updated to version 0.4.0

    Reverted to the old feed reader – there were problems with MagpieRSS in WordPress with international characters.

    Update to version 0.4.3 – thanks for the suggestions for improvement.

    Just updated to version 0.4.7 – blogspot had a new ATOM format that I was not parsing correctly – feed address is in the format:

    Good work there, Bryan. 🙂 I have updated it, removed one file (to avoid double plugins) and it all works smoothly on my 2.0.4 blog. 🙂

    I am working on improving the aggregator so that it can import images. The first cut is in version 0.4.9. It works for images with full addresses. However, to get it working with images with relative addresses, I will need to redo the database. So expect a version 0.5.0 in about two or three weeks time.

    I want to add something here: You are using file_get_contents() for fetching the feed. This will create an empty user-agent string which also these d3f@c3r tools are doing.

    Can you please rewrite $content = @file_get_contents($this->url); in bdp-rssfeed.php to use the MagpieRSS class instead? The line number is 81 here.

    Now at version 0.4.10. I have found a way of getting the relative addresses of images wihout the need to modify the database. So I will not need to go to 0.5.0 just yet.

    The problem with MagpieRSS in WordPress 2.0 is that it does not handle UTF-8 well. (Also, there is a different [incompatible] version of MagpieRSS in WordPress 2.1).

    In terms of the $content = @file_get_contents($this->url) I have gone back to using the cURL library. We will see how it goes.



    Updated to version 0.5.0 (alpha). This release has three key changes.

    First, I am now fetching feeds using the Snoopy PHP class that comes with WordPress.

    Second, I have changed the input method for multiple URLS from a comma separated list to a white-space separated list.

    Third, I have introduced an errors page (in the dashboard) that lists the most recent feed errors, including for malformed feeds.

    I have added a feed but do not see any posts displayed. I know the feed is valid because it correctly diplays the items in my live bookmark.

    Also, is there a way to automatically set the category for each item in the feed? Thanks.

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