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  • Hi,
    Last night I did my first install of WordPress with a little help from the nice people hanging out in the Installation Forum – thanks again everybody. BTW, it took me a long time to do as I’m very new to mysql, php, ect.

    Today, I’d like to add a forum. I’m very worried about screwing up my database or having to tinker with too many files. I’d like to add it now because I’ve yet to start customizing my site (WP is my main page BTW)and figure I should get all the things I want in there first, then go to work adding content ect.

    I’ve read (or at least looked at the headlines for the first 100 post in these forums related to forums plugin).

    So, here’s my question:I want a forum that will have about 10 or so categories listed under about five different cities. For instance: Chicago Jobs, Housing, For Sale, Events, ect.
    Of course I want people only to log in once and I understand that bbPress and some plugins can do that.
    It doesn’t have to be fancy or anything.

    So, as a newb to using databases and php, should I choose a stand-alone like bbPress or a plugin I just upload to Wp?

    I’m asking you assuming you are much more experienced with these things than I and will know which is better for someone at my level.

    Thanks for reading this long post

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  • Try Simple Forum. It’ll do exactly what you’re asking for. I’ve been using it for months and its a breeze to operate.

    Funny you should mention Simple Forum…I was just looking at it.
    Do you know what the pro’s/con’s are of a stand-alone vs. a plugin?

    Oh, and thanks for responding

    The pro for a plugin is shared user registration – register once for both. With Simple, you can post a blog post and it can automatically create a forum discussion topic, if you wish.

    With a stand alone package, you’d need a bridge/plugin to do the user sharing, if such a thing exists for your preferred forum s/ware and there aren’t too many that do – so chances are, if your users want a forum post, they’ll have to register separately.

    To be honest, that’s basically it. Easier to manage a plugin than a completely separate application.

    I’d go with bbPress which has far better integration and is very lightweight.

    You can take a look at my blog here: as well as forums: which run off a single theme and registration system.

    however he barely knows php and mysql so go with the plugin
    you just have to upload it and activate it

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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