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    First of all, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this… but, I was wondering… I have the BBPress Plugin installed on my WordPress Multisite.

    I have an entire sub-folder site for my forum. But, I want the forum to be my home page, and I wouldn’t mind having signatures.

    I was wondering… is BBPress still being updated and worked on? or is it put on the back table, and replaced with the WordPress Plugin for BBPress?

    If it is still being worked on, what are the Pro’s and Cons over BBRess and BBPress Plugin?

    Thanks for helping, and sorry if I mis-categorized this =/

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  • OC2PS


    As far as I am aware, bbPress is shelved and bbPress WP plugin is strategic way forward.

    Alright… Thanks, @oc2ps !

    Does anyone know how to make the forums the home page? Like… my forum site would be and instead of having something like “Hi! Welcome to my forums!” then have the sidebar widget with links to the individual forums, if I could just make the forums the home page for

    Thanks! And, FYI, I have tried PHPBB and I find it confusing, while the stand-alone version of BBPress was easy to use… like WordPress




    I don’t know of a direct way.

    But you can create a page called forums. Place the forums list shortcode on it.

    And in WP Admin panel
    Settings > Reading
    and change Front page displays to A static page, selecting Forums from the dropdown

    Thank you!

    That is exactly what I was trying to accomplish… I was making it so much harder then I needed it to be xD

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