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    I’ve got a nasy little bug(ger). I’ve got a 3.5 WP installation with a forum using the BBpress plugin. Everything was running perfectly until I noticed that in my menus I could no longer drag and drop. I deactivated all plugins (which helped), reactivated them. So far so good. Then I noticed that my forums went funky though.

    The forum index works. I’ve got four forums, two public, two private. One of the forums works (one of the public ones), the other three give 404’s. The strange thing is that a newly created forum also gives a 404, but al subjects (or threads) work, also the threads in the malfunctioning forums.

    So I thought: permalinks. Changed to default and back, no go. Edited the permalink of the forums manually to something ‘test’, no go. Edit the permalink for forums in the BBpress settings, no go.
    Of course I also tried deactivating plugins again, searched around a bit on the www and noticed people with htaccess problems. I’m sure it’s something there, but I can’t figure it out, especially not because one forum works and the rest does not.
    Website, see tab forums.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  • I haven’t been able to find much about it, but it seems to be a more common problem.

    For users that are stuck with users that can’t access the forums, try using the forums role repair tool, located in: Admin > Tools > Forums

    Roles & Capabilities

    Problem solved.

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