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  • BuckyOHare


    Posted this on BBPress and received no responses. Thought I’d give it a go here. Please help if you can:

    I installed BBPress created a few forums, used the shortcode to display the forums and they work fine. I added the BBPress Login Widget to my site and when I try to login I’m re-directed to but with a completely blank screen and one single period mark in the top left corner. If I login through my default login page I’m able to login fine but the BBPress login has this problem. It does this with or without a username or password being entered in its forms when you press login.

    It is not taking me to my 404 page, this is something different because it’s not actually taking me to either, even though that’s what the browser reads. It’s as though it is being interrupted mid process and then producing this blank screen with a single dot.

    I disabled all plugins (excluding bbpress). Did not fix the problem.

    Disabled my theme and activated default 2013 theme. Same problem.

    Disabled all additional, non-core functions I was using. Nothing.

    I read on another post that someone had a similar issue where BBPress was putting a period before the www part of his site. Other information I read seemed to point to trouble with WP secrete keys in the php being ajar from BBPress php keys or config files, but I found no such files in my plugin folder, I guess those methods are outdated. Even after deleting WP secrete keys and flushing all cache, this made no difference. I reinstalled the security keys once discovering this was not the issue.

    My site error logs are recording no issue directly regarding the plugin either. Anyone know what the deal is? Thanks.

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