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    I would like to add a forum to my WP site. I would like to create a new WP page and embed BBPress into the WP page. User integration between WP & BBPress is not an issue (forum users are separate from blog users). Forum users would just go to the WP Page, login to BBPress and thread-away. I’d like to keep the visual integration (ie sidebars, themes, etc.) as transparent as possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Some pretty good stuff in there — worth looking through to see what others have done.

    I personally think RS-Discuss is the better package:

    Easy to install, integrates seamlessly AND blog users are already registered for the forum. Certainly on my site, people generally wouldn’t be bothered to register twice.

    Thanks for the link, mpgeorge. It’s better by a fair amount of errors in the validator than is xdforum from which is what I’m currently using. Might want to play with it some myself. I also was interested in rs-event.

    I tried rs-discuss (best looking plugin I have come across), it has some presentation problems with the theme I am currently using (AndyBlue), large blank area and the discussion topics are listed down near the page footer. I need to keep my forum users separate and distinct from the blog users. I don’t think this is possible with rs-discuss.

    I have read most of the WP support posts (thanks HandySolo) re:forum integration/bbpress. There is a lot of good discussion. But I have not been able to find any applicable solutions. Vanilla looks interesting, but I was wanting to use BBPress.

    I just want a forum that can be wrapped into my WP theme with users that are not in the WP user table…

    I was able to modify the style.css, header.php & footer.php to skin a BBPress install to look like my WP site. It was not that difficult… BBPress is very cool!!!

    So, there is no way embeding it into a page?

    I am in the bbPress forums all the time and don’t recall anyone ever stating how they did it successfully. I would check through the threads that Handy suggested:


    Here’s a round about way to do it. Use the Redirection Plugin, create a page and call it whatever you want, BBPress.

    Go into the Redirection Admin and setup a redirect. This is what I’m doing for this part of my website: One the sidebar, where it is labeled “Andrea and Rich”, that is a subpages widget I’m using. I basically created a blank Travel Blog page and filed it under the Andrea and Rich page and setup a redirection to my Travel Blog. So this way it appears in the “Loop”.

    I know this isn’t exactly what you’re asking for, but this “hack” might be useful for other people looking for a way to add sites/pages outside of the existing WP Loop but have it “appear”. Yeah.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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