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    I installed bbPress with Customizr theme. Here is what happened:
    It’s supposed to show a list of forums in a table view. But all forum title becomes plain (no link) & stack up like no format.
    I am not sure this is bbPress issue, or the theme issue. But I have tried it on other themes, like 2013, 2012, and elegant themes, all works just fine.

    Could you help? I love your theme, I don’t want to give it up because one plugin page doesn’t work.

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  • I posted this q on the bbpress support and I got an answer that it’s SEO that’s the issue. I’m investigating further with Yeost, but does anyone here have any experience with this?

    User Pages and Page Title "Not Found"

    Hi Connielk,

    Thank you so much for finding out solutions for several issues. It’s now working on my site. I still have to change few things, like the container size, couple formatting issues.

    But over all, it’s working and I can start to use the bbPress with Customizr theme.


    @connielk : thanks for sharing your solutions! This is gonna be definitely useful for many users!

    @paul thanks for your comments : I had many other priorities to fix before working on the bbpress compatibility. I am glad that the users community managed to find a way to make it work. Version v.3.0.15 will include a full compatibilty with BBpress and i’ll do a complete post on that on

    @shapeshifter-3 : Did you follow @connielk approach? I don’t think it’s so difficult, isn’it ?

    I still haven’t figured out what to do about the page titles. No answer on Yoast forum. Anyone here have a suggestion?

    Hi Connie I haven’t found any solutions and my forum is still having problems – however in this thread I have found your advice by far the best, I am going to stick with sorting this but work got busy over the last few days, we should definitely keep this thread open as I am sure many people will experience these issues, red horse crm looks pretty cool btw 🙂 thanks for your help

    Apologies @nikeo too, you guys do an excellent job in delivering these open source solutions to a very wide user base, it is much appreciated and your work is genius :), my background is an Oracle DBA where people pay by the CPU – I am going to pay more attention to this and try an contribute as much as @connielk does – good work all


    This is the result I got using the instructions I listed at the top of this topic thread:

    Free free to comment, or criticize (it didn’t take all of this coding that everybody here is trying).

    Hi All, I’ve been having the same issues. I followed @connielk instructions and it all worked for me except for the search function. It’s a work around for now, but as others have mentioned it would be great to get an officail bbpress compatibility in the next update. It’s such a nice theme, it would be a shame to have to use something else. Good work @nikeo

    The site is here:

    Hi @sonics60, @shapeshifter, @paul, @connielk, @tajenli
    I have worked on this and have now something ready to be tested. Since you are BBpress and Customizr user, would you be interested to be beta testers of those developments?
    If yes, then contact me with this form and I will send you back a child theme that should be fully compatible with BBpress.
    Looking forward to read from you!

    Hi @nikeo, I have dropped you a contact on the web-site am happy to do some beta testing. Paul

    Me too @nikeo Thanks, Adam.

    Happy to test…

    Hi nikeo, many thanks for sending the beta child theme and is working a lot better for me now by default with no changes the front forum works, the topics work, and the search works. Even the sidebars seem to be doing what they are supposed to!

    The only thing that appears not to be working is the topic post author information.

    Many thanks for this – looking good!

    Hi Paul, thanks for this feedback, I’m glad to read that.
    About the users pages, it’s kind of weird because it works on my test environment.
    It might be related to the permalink structure.
    You might want to desactivate your permalink custom structure (temporarily) in settings > permalink.

    Hi nikeo, I’ve installed and tested the child theme and all is working fine for me:

    I don’t seem to have the topic author problems that Paul is having either.

    Good stuff and many thanks for this Nikeo and thanks to all that have contributed.

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