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  1. gabshot
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I've got bbPress version 1.0.2 and WordPress version 3.0.1 without MU.
    I've deep integrate WP and bbpress everything is working but...

    When new user register at WP and i'm approving him the role in bbpress is not changing. I'm sure that i have linked roles correctly because i was checking this hundred times.

    I'm using few plugins:

    - Disable Registrations
    - Force Login
    - Support Forums
    - zaerl Visibility

    And i also tryied to do something with plugin "User Roles Table for bbPress" but nothing helps.

    In WP i use:

    - bbPress Integration
    - Theme My Login
    - User Role Editor

    I'm also using theme "iBlogPro Forum" and "iBlogPro".

    When i'm in bbpress admin and i'm clicking on "edit" user i got right link to edit with correct user ID but it's showing my data and my profile, furthermore there is no option or select when i can change user role.

    Is there any way to change this role in MySQL direct?

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