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  • I’ll try to test it, but I get pretty much zero spam on my open bbPress forums anyways. You might want to make a post on the forums.


    See my topic at…

    It might have to do with Stop Spammers calling for user info too early before bbpress and buddypress and they don’t like it.

    I’ve left a message for Keith. Hopefully he’ll be able to patch the plugin.


    P.S. This is a great plugin and just trying to help where I can.

    There is a new beta, but the solution is to load the plugin normally. This may result in bbpress sysops being locked out and it may be that the plugin fires off after bbpress saves the comment.

    I think that I will have to prevent the plugin from loading if bbpress is detected

    The latest version is at under beta tests.


    I have bbPress and BuddyPress on one site and I’m experiencing no problems.

    So if it doesn’t load if bbPress is detected, does that mean it will provide no protection for those areas in bbPress where a name and email is required to post? I have a bbPress site that doesn’t require registration or login to post, but you must use a name and email when posting.

    Version 5.0 which I am testing now works with bbpress. What I have done is disabled the login checks if bbpress is loaded. Checking to see if a user was logged in is what was causing issues in bbpress. The errors were “silent” in that they only appeared if someone had turned on debugging.

    This could potentially lock out a sysop, but if you are experiencing no problems now, then you should not have trouble in the future.


    Yes, what I meant was that I can access the bbPress forum settings in the back-end with your plugin, where some others said they could not.

    The last version of Stop Spam was large and for some reason would crash when installed. I changed the whole process and the thing installs much better now.

    I also changed the name of the plugin so people who had bookmarked the old installation will get an error.

    The 5.0 version, which I am testing, is on the website for early adopters.

    Mu new job takes up all of my awake time so I did not get to many of the changes that I wanted to make, but I am going to release it soon.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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