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  • Does anyone have a hack that incorprates these two scripts togeather?
    Trieded renaming the bbPress tables to the same as WP, but they clash (different values)
    Tried doing a search.
    Any other suggestions?

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  • They use separate and distinct databases. In theory you could integrate bbPress into a WP site, I’m sure. That said, bbPress is still early in its development cycle, and combining the two right now may mean a lot of work to keep up to date as the software matures.

    So basicly should I just wait until bbPress becomes 0.1?

    I don’t know that bbPress and WordPress will ever be developed to the point where one will plug directly into the other. One being a blog tool, the other being a forum tool, I’m not sure that there would be much call for melding them, but then again, I’ve been wrong plenty of times before. What kind of functionality would WordPress provide over and above what bbPress could provide?

    Overall, if they where combined (with a hack – or something), it would become more of a portal/community feature, allowing it more or less to become more of what it is other than just a ‘blog’ tool.

    But then again I doupt that the developer does want to turn it into any vbulletin or phpbb forum.

    As I browsed this forum pages, over the last few days, I noticed that a live interest for tools expanding the actual WordPress potential is present and well detectable. The many requests for “static” pages, just to make a plain example, let you understand what I mean.
    Such a general feeling bears witness that WordPress is rated highly as a tool and, at the same time, the real needs of many expand beyond just a blog tool for their sites. Indeed, bb tool is useful to people (as this very site proves 🙂
    Sure, having a bbtool that shares the same skilled developpers, the same sound and flexible approach, and the same active community, is very interesting. And probably, letting both tools share also the same databases, tables and authentication could be in some way the easiest step at this point, and a great leap forward, at the same time.
    Things could be made easier, maybe, should the authentication be placed outside both blog and bb tools, as an independent component. [Warning: I am not a developper. Technically, I’m about zero. I just *suppose*…]

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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