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  • Hello Community!

    Not sure if im in the right place right now, if not, just move this topic to the right one 😉

    So yea, I am converting my website from vbulletin to WordPress, and many of my vBulletin Threads will become WordPress Articles. Instead of re-writing the BB Code inside me threads to HTML, I wanted to install a BB Code Plugin. I tested out a few and it seems that this one is the best:

    But sadly its not perfect => doesnt support all basic BB Codes. In fact, right now it just doesnt support one BB Code I used very often, im talking about the [list] and the matching [*] BB Code.

    Example BBcode:
    [*]Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures
    [*]LG 42″ Full-HD LED TV
    [*]Canton 85 CX 5.1 Lautsprechersystem

    Is there anybody who can modify this plugin so that it supports those two BB Codes correctly, or can tell me how to fix it myself?

    Kind Regards

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