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  • anatman


    This is not a resquest to change this forum’s software.
    Just as i took a look at the “Future” tab in WP’s homepage and saw “More community features” written there, i thought i ought to ask the developers to take a look at punBB. It is lightweight, fast, and it is moving towards less tables and standarts compliance (at least so they say), and it has better features than miniBB. On the other hand, it is not a giant scary thing like IPB or phpBB. Even i could tweak it a little bit, change it’s apearence and install some hacks in my installation.
    WP was the very first script/software i ever installed and used for my site, so you see i am inexperienced, and i felt at home fiddling with punBB. Please, if you plan any integration with a BB, consider punBB as an option!

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  • Sushubh




    Textpattern are using punBB – I was curious, what can I say 😉 – and it’s the classiest board software I’ve seen by far.
    @Susubh: not sure what relevance this has to the other thread. Joshua seems pretty keen on vB and Matt will never abandon miniBB, and anyway the post says this is not a request to improve this forum. Everyone here knows that if they want different software they can post on the new board or shut up.



    just wanted to mention that matt has heard abt the software and told us that he will look into it. just that…

    What i am trying to say is, please consider more options if anywhere in the future there could be any integration between WP and a BB.
    Or maybe i am thinking way too far in the future!

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