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  • 1) Is there a working anti-comment-spam Bayesian plugin for WordPress?
    2) I’ve seen a bunch of people on google threaten to create a captcha plugin for wordpress but I’ve been unable to find a download. Would someone please point me to the plugin download?

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  • Moderator Mark Jaquith


    WordPress Lead Dev

    I don’t think there IS a CAPTCHA for WP yet. I was one of the people who threatened to make it, but I have not yet gotten enough spam that’s slipped through to justify it. I did some initial work, but it’ll probably require several more hours.
    I’m also concerned about the impact of releasing it, because there is potential for abuse. Basically, I think that if the CAPTCHA is wrong, or blank, comments should go to moderation, not be deleted. But some people might just say “screw the blind” and force people to enter the CAPTCHA string.

    While I wouldn’t spew something as crass as “screw the blind” I would turn a blind eye towards the possible difficulty faced by captcha. I run a small, specific topic community site not targeted towards the lux desprived. That any blind individual would be unable to login is of no concern as I don’t know any blind people. Since membership hinges on being personally known I hope you can see my indifference towards blind-compatibility.
    I’m sure other blogs/portals/etc are in the same boat.
    I for one look forward to such a plugin!

    I have a proof of concept captcha for the blind up at:
    I could roll this into a plugin fairly easily, and make it work w/o editing your comments page, so you could turn it off/on from the plugins page w/o breaking your site. I doubt anyone would want it on all the time, but just turn it on when you’re under spam attack or will be away from being able to moderate for while (vacation).

    Oh, it’s not exactly baysian, but:
    Only allows comments from email addresses that have previously approved comments. It’s not spoof proof, but works well. It’s basically a drop-in automatic white list.
    You need to turn on ‘require email’ for your commenters, and make sure they know to use the same email each time. But that’s about all you have to worry about.
    I found this method was easier to implement than baysian filtering, and works better.

    There’s always my AuthImage hack you can try:

    That concept of “captcha for the blind” would not work,
    just parse both the instructions “Remove the letters & submit:”
    for “remove letters” or “remove numbers” (guess there could be other alternatives) to know what you must remove, and the content of the box to remove what is requested.
    A simple php function would step over that captcha in a second!
    ~ Dani

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    ” concept of “captcha for the blind” would not work”
    Did you read the comments there ? There is a good one from someone who is blind…..

    I am merely saying that the text logic would not be an efective captcha verification method as it can be interpreted by computers.
    The term CAPTCHA denies that computers can pass that verification.

    Regardless, I am being googlebombed beyond belief .. 1000+ comments in spurts. They are relatively easy to remove since I just do a mass edit mode on the keywords of poker and casino and that seems to catch everything. I am thinking of implementing something easy but convenient for my users. I think CAPTCHA would suffice. Any progress on this?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    That’s not google-bombing 🙂
    And spam ?

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