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  • Plugin Contributor Dale Mugford


    Hi jshare, Thanks!

    Did you disable it? I don’t see WPtouch loading on that URL to test.

    No, it’s not disabled. If you click through to an article, you’ll see Bauhaus in its glory:

    150 Funniest Resume Mistakes, Bloopers and Blunders Ever

    Not sure why it’s not appearing on the homepage though… maybe that’s another issue? Or a setting somewhere that I’ve disabled?

    Actually now that I click around myself on my Android phone, I see that sometimes the mobile version comes up for a given article and sometimes it doesn’t for others. But it seems consistent in that certain articles are consistently mobile-version while the others are consistently desktop-version (including the link I posted above).

    This one is consistently mobile-version:

    Holiday Weekend Job Search Do’s and Don’ts

    I completely cleared all caches in W3TC just in case, but it’s still happening.

    Plugin Contributor Duane Storey



    You need to configure W3 to properly work with WPtouch, otherwise you will get inconsistent behaviour like you are seeing. There’s a section in the User Guide (available in the admin) that deals with configuring it.

    In the guide, the only config mention that I could see as being relevant is the question of user agents. I currently have W3TC set up to passthrough requests to WPTouch based on a long list of user agents that was posted in another thread here, but it seems strange that the plugin would only work part of the time for a given user agent, so I’m assuming something else is at play here, that’s not mentioned in the current (new?) version of the guide that I linked to.

    Hi, yeah – agree with jshare. Awesome work!
    But no, Relevanssi search and WPTouch 3.1.1 doesn’t work together at all. If I switch back to desktop version the search starts to work on mobile again, but not through 3.1.1.

    I’m gonna have to deactivate the WPTouch update if I don’t get any feedback. The search is too important. Too bad 🙁

    Same here, Relevanssi search and WPTouch 3.1.1 do not work together. No results via the mobile theme Bauhaus 🙁

    After the upgrade to 3.1.3, search is now working for me in the Bauhaus theme.

    Note: this is the default WordPress search, not Relevanssi

    I have tested the Relevanssi search and WPTouch 3.1.3 and unfortunately it is still not working.

    Plugin Author BraveNewCode Inc.


    Ok we’ll look at Relevanssi and hopefully add baked-in support. Thanks for reporting.

    The BraveNewCode support site says that Relevanssi is incompatible.

    I have disabled it in the WPTouch>Core Settings>Compatibility in addition to the Child theme “remove_action” and “remove_filter” method mentioned in the docs.

    Nevertheless I cannot get the WPTouch Search in the header to return anything.
    Actually i should say it does return something, but it very quickly disappears.

    Plugin Author BraveNewCode Inc.


    If you have the Pro version you should login to our support forums and post your issues there.

    Sorry BraveNewCode but the search function is too important, are you basically saying “buy the premium version or we won’t help”?
    I can’t get the search to work with or without Relevanssi installed, is the issue going to be addressed in the free version or are you no longer supporting the free version at all?
    It’s just good to know rather than being left hanging. The OP was two months ago… I asked this same question in my own post and I have received no reply so far.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    If you have the Pro version you need to contact the plugin author directly as these forums do not support commercial products, that’s what he’s saying.

    If a plugin author does in future say, “buy the premium version or we won’t help”, then please accept that as a reasonable compromise. It would be wonderful if a plugin author could manage to build, maintain and support their plugins all for free, but realistically that’s difficult to achieve.

    I asked this same question in my own post and I have received no reply so far.

    Please continue your own thread and only post in other people’s threads if you’re contributing towards the solution.

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