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  • Hey Shane! That is a pretty cool site and considering your content and audience, I would imagine they will like it as well! It is not often I go to a blog and say “Wow that is original” and I did with this one.

    One thing I can say would be to limit the number of entries to try and match your sidebar length. I like to see sites that do that. Another small thing might be the print size. Personally I like the small print, but not everyone likes the print that small. Last, I think maybe having a different seperator for your timestamp because it looks like a negative time with the line and then the time. That is really minor though!

    Overall, I like it myself!


    Good points all around. I’ll work on them. I’m just the webmaster. Our graphic master Merciful created the blog. His first skin.

    I’ve taken several of peoples comments into consideration so thanks for the input. Its the first WordPress Theme i’ve created/edited and was pleased with the result, especially in the short time it took me to do it. Its only a basic theme but then for what we use it for it doesn’t have to be.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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