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  • Hey folks,

    So I work at a podcast production company called Earwolf and I’m trying to figure out how to batch download all pictures for our entire episode catalog for archiving purposes. We have 1,664 episodes posted on the wordpress, each containing at least 10 pictures apiece. I’m not sure if a utility or plugin exists in wordpress, or if all the raw media might be stored on an FTP somewhere. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


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  • Rab


    The images uploaded are in /wp-content/uploads/ and usually organised my year and month directories. Keep in mind that the image sizes that WordPress generates are also in here so each image will have a few versions of different sizes.

    If you have SSH access you could probably run a find/copy to strip out the WordPress generated ones and copy the originals to another directory to be archived. When I say strip out, I mean from the copy command – not from the uploads directory.

    I might be other thinking it, there might be a plugin that does this all for you.

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