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  1. chargertech
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am a high school teacher and have a WordPress install on an Xserve that hosts my class Website: http://maclab.edisonchargers.com/. Last year I setup a separate WordPress install with multi-site enabled at http://boltpress.edisonchargers.com/. I used DD Import Users: http://www.dagondesign.com/articles/import-users-plugin-for-wordpress/ and Batch Create Blogs: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bulk-create-blogs/. This worked out well after some trial and error.

    Anyhow, this year I am not using the http://boltpress.edisonchargers.com/ domain. I made a folder inside of my class WordPress install called "blogs" and did a separate WordPress install there with its own database. So, it is at http://maclab.edisonchargers.com/blogs/, which is working fine.

    However, now I can't get the Batch Create Blogs to work. I have the plugin installed at: http://maclab.edisonchargers.com/blogs/, but when it creates the blogs it creates them at http://maclab.edisonchargers.com. So, instead of http://maclab.edisonchargers.com/blogs/student1 it is http://maclab.edisonchargers.com/student1. :(

    Any ideas? I have ~200 to create every year.

  2. I remember you from last year ;)

    To make sure ... http://maclab.edisonchargers.com/blogs/ is a separate site entirely?

  3. However, now I can't get the Batch Create Blogs to work. I have the plugin installed at

    Can you link to the plugin you're using?

  4. He's using http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bulk-create-blogs/

    I wonder if it's picking up some settings for the main site, or if it doesn't know how to handle subfolders (which is weird) or if there's a .htaccess conflict...

  5. Yeah.. plugin needs updating. It's for wpmu 2.9.2.

  6. chargertech
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Yes, separate site entirely. I didn't want the student sites mixed in with my main class site/database. I am using the Batch Create Blogs plugin for the WordPress directory. It worked great last year when the site was in its own domain. The school doesn't give me any money for setting up the sites, plugins, etc. So, I always look for free solutions since I am not a pro developer/webmaster.

    I tested making a blog by hand and it properly went into http://maclab.edisonchargers.com/blogs/student1, but that would take forever. The plugin will create the accounts in subfolders and I did use it with WP and not WPMU last year, but I guess it doesn't understand when it is already installed in a subfolder?

    Not looking forward to creating one by one.

  7. Did you use it on WP 3.1 (We're on 3.2.1 now, so I wonder if you'd need to install 3.1, batch upload, and THEN upgrade?)

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