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    Hi Thimo,

    I’m having a little but annoying problem with the basket. (my page:

    In my understanding the plugin synchronizes the plugin’s own basket with Spreadshirt’s API when you click “Proceed checkout” – and if you don’t have anything in the plugin’s basket clicking that button doesn’t take you anywhere.

    I have a designer shop and I’m encouraging my customers to use it. The problem is that the plugin doesn’t recognize the customized products my customers have made. So the plugin’s basket can show 0 products even if the customer has made several customized ones. And with “nothing” in the plugin’s basket, the customer can’t proceed to checkout.

    I can find ways to work around this problem, but explaining them to my customers in a simple way is a bit of a challenge. At first I thought I’d like to have a basket of it’s own page using iframe, but it’s basically the same synchronization error there – plugin’s basket different contents than the Spreadshirt basket and plugin’s basket isn’t synchronized unless you click the Proceed checkout -button. I then thought I’d work around this by only using the basket via the plugin, but then I came up with this problem.

    So, what to do? Is there a way to make the customized products to show in the plugin’s basket? If not, could you please consider making the plugin’s own basket optional? If the menu’s Basket-link would update the data to Spreadshirt API and open the iframe basket (skipping the plugin’s own basket) it would be a perfect workaround for me. I’m still thinking if I should go back to version 2.9.6 for this, but would hate to miss all the other bug fixes!

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    well, it’s commonly depending on what you open first. A session is created and due to some restrictions the session cannot be taken for the designer shop 🙁

    So, A (the shop) doesn’t know the B (designer shop), because they both create their own sessions (let’s say names) – the names are different and should be same.

    So because I cancelled my premium account, I can’t test it. I’ll try to have a look, but I’m lost alone with that error/fixing – Sorry 🙁

    p.s. 2.9.6 won’t fix it … 🙁

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