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    I’m a first-time WordPress user, so excuse my stupid questions… : )

    What I want to do : Create a blog for travel and photography to share images and experiences from around the world. I’d like the navigation menu to be simple, like :

    – – – – – – – – – – – – blog • about • contact – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I’m trying to understand the structure of WordPress, and can’t visualize or understand how Pages and Categories work. Is ‘blog’, ‘about’ and ‘contact’ each a page, and then categories would go underneath blog? appreciate the assistance on understanding this.


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  • You can create both Pages and Posts in WP (or create only pages or create only posts too). Many use Pages (and the default page menu nav menu) to create pages such as about, contact etc…Pages can have parents which would show as a sub nav item in the pages nav…Categories are associated with posts and can be hierarchical (have sub-categories), when a category link is clicked, a series of posts of that category are displayed.

    Custom Menus can be used to create a custom nav of any post, page, category or tag or custom link also.

    It is all there for flexibility of site design.

    Great, I understand. Thanks for the response. Just to clarify, is a ‘Blog’ just a page with posts underneath it?

    I already have a website (, so what I’m trying to do here is *just* create a blog. Can you recommend a basic structure for this purpose?


    Your theme most likely has it’s blog as it’s home page by default. When you create posts they show up on that home/blog page in chronological descending order, ussually about 10 per page by default.

    You can create a WordPress blog and frame it into a page of your current site, similar to what I have done here (click on of the black buttons at top of page).

    Thanks for the responses.

    Actually I have a custom theme from ElegantThemes and I have a self-hosted service from BlueHost. I imported the theme, and deleted all the sample content, so I’m starting from zero with regards to menus etc. So what I’m trying to do here is *just* create a blog, nothing else.

    To get started, do I create a PAGE with a BLOG template option? I’m not understanding how the posts and the pages integrate. Is a blog simply a page?

    Do the individual posts live underneath a page, simply called blog?


    The blog is a page, but different from what is called a “static” page that you would ussually create in wp. If you create a page, it can be assigned as the blog through Settings/Reading. Otherwise, pages you create are called “static” and would be your about/contact pages.

    In the settings, the static page you assign as the blog is called “posts page”

    Otherwise, you can have the blog as your home page automatically by selecting “front page displays – Your Latest Posts” .

    Create a few pages and posts to start, just call them test1 2 3 etc and look at your site.

    BTW, what is you blog’s url?

    Great, thanks for the clarification, I understand. So a blog is just a ‘page’ that’s non-static… excellent! : )

    the domain to my blog is, but I’m having HUGE issues with the navigation menu…. : (

    you need to add content, pages or posts with categories and tags…

    I think I see a post in the home page blog, congrats!

    thanks to both of you for your assistance in helping me understand the blog structure. 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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