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  • This is a good plugin and it does work to do many things connecting WooCommerce stores to the Printful system. The biggest problem is that if you have more than one Printful store on your account and you connect to the wrong one first time then you can’t change stores. Even if you delete and re-install the plugin then it leaves data in the MySQL database on deletion which is still there. I had to make direct changes in the database to reinstall the plugin clean.

    Also it doesn’t seem to copy the name of a variation from Printful to WooCommerce. So your drop down for ‘Size’ on a T-shirt for example will just copy across as ‘Title’. This doesn’t seem like too big a deal but then of course if you change the variation title in WooCommerce then you have to manually resynchronise the names of all your variations on both platforms by cross referencing the SKU of each product.

    Still! It’s better than manually recreating each product.


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    1) The plugin actually stores very little in your database, just couple of settings. In the case of connecting to a different store all you got to do is delete the API in plugins settings and hit save. Then you can re-connect.

    2) This should not be happening. At least I was not able to replicate this. Maybe this is related to your theme?

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback! We’ll work on improving the experience in future releases of the plugin.

    Many thanks! I must have had some sort of problem but hopefully not the theme as it is totally vanilla Storefront with just a few minor changes in the Customiser. Thanks for your answer.



    @jodybarton I am having the exact same issue. Can you tell me what to look for in the database to delete? Spent over an hour chatting with support and they can’t tell me how to delete database data and do a clean install.
    Thanks in advance!



    @worshipdrummer Hi, I’m sorry but I didn’t keep notes. I don’t really have a way of checking. If you have access to your MySQL database then you could do some searches in there for it. Maybe the developer could list the table names if you ask them.

    Sorry I can’t really help more.

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