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    I want users who have logged into the website to be redirected to a restricted area of the website. I though I had this set up correctly but when logged in the user gets the message Sorry you are not allowed to go to this page.

    Is there documentation for this …. I would like to know what Drip Content, Negate, and Exposure -singular and archive are referring to.


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    Is the message “Sorry you are not allowed to go to this page” one that you have written, or are you using other plugins in combination with Restict User Access?

    You can find the FAQ here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/restrict-user-access/faq/

    Drip Content
    With this option you can add a time to the conditions for the Access Level. This means that a user will get access to the content after the time has passed. It does not work for Levels that are synced with User Roles.
    See screenshot: https://ps.w.org/restrict-user-access/assets/screenshot-2.png?rev=1490353

    When you negate a group of conditions, it means that you restrict all other content but that. So if you add a condition group for All Posts and negate it, only users in this level will be able to see all content but posts (you effectively restrict everything except posts). Posts will be accessible to all users.

    This means whether your conditions should be applied to single posts, pages, custom post types, content written by select authors etc. (Singular exposure), or if it should be applied to the blog page, post type archives, author archives etc. (Archive exposure).

    Let me know if this answers your question.

    I am not sure where the “Sorry you are not allowed to go to this page” comes from… I have deactivated some other plugins and have not seen this for a while… ?

    I am still having difficulty with this. I have set logged in users as Basic with Read permission … (maybe that is incorrect) they can access all product pages … I can send a screenshot of the way I have set it up. I want the logged in user to be able to access all pages, … but I dont want them to see any part of the word press dashboard…. does that make sense… including the little Howdy (username) in the top right corner.

    Maybe I am looking at this backwards…. I do not want the general viewer who is not logged in to have access to the Product Pages?

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    Can you explain in more detail when the user sees the “Sorry you are not allowed to go to this page” message? Eg. is it when logging in, or trying to visit a specific link?

    You can send me a screenshot of the level settings.

    If you want to hide the top bar for your users, go to User Access -> Settings and check the option.

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