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  1. kosonome
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm having basic problems with loop in my index file with my template.

    Code for index: http://pastebin.com/LjyC3Yfn

    - When I visit "/?p=7", it doesn't show post ID 7, but gimme a list of "without category (default wordpress /?cat=1)" posts instead.
    - When I visit "/?cat=5" it's the same thing, it shows me cat=1.

    Some testing...
    - To make sure index was the file i'm working, i just put a "!testing!" in the code, so, it shows to me now !testing!.
    - Basic default theme works fine, so, I guess it's not server related.
    - I desactivated all plugins, and same behaviour happens. :(

    - I'm not using .htaccess either and "/?page_id=10" it's working fine, and not using a category.php file either...

    Not sure what to do anymore. Any help appreciated. :(

    Edit > After trying for like 5 times, anti-spam let me post here... how sad...

    Edit > Resolved myself... there is a get_sidebar() in my index.php which have a query_posts($args); in there... removed made it work...

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