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  • I have some very basic questions for which I could not find answers. I use the plugin on this website.

    1. By default, does it measure web page (header-content-footer) depth or just content (WP page or WP post) depth?

    2. If a visitor scrolls 100% then does it get events also for 25%, 50% and 75% = 4 unique events? Or just one event for 100%? For example for this page I have more 75% events than 25% and 50% events. How many unique visitors were on that website?

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  • Sorry for the delay in the response.
    1) By default it is the entire viewable page
    2) Each percentage event fires independently. Normally you will see fairly standard distribution falling off towards the 100%.
    I’ve not seen a situation like this where there are more 75% than 50%.
    Is this a very short page? Perhaps with dynamic content loaded at the top that would push things down?

    I try to accomodate for all the Google Analytics implementation methods, but perhaps there’s something we’ve missed.
    How are you installing Google Analytics in your WordPress site?

    If you are running Google Tag Manager, this plugin isn’t really needed anymore because such reporting is now built in.

    This WordPress plugin just implements the ScrollDepth JavaScript. You can learn more about the specifics there.

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