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    I am just working on my first Dokan-site, and have a basic questions. Could you please help me?

    I created a test product for 100 Euros, set the comission type to percantage and set the percentage to 10%. So if someone buys the test prdouct, the vendor receives 90% – 90 Euros and the admin receives 10% 10 Euros. But which admin is the admin that receives the money? Is ist the admin of the website? If so: Where do I store the data of the bancaccount of the admin? I could not see any fields for this.


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    Hello @rabox66,

    There must be one admin on the site and multiple vendors. The bank transfer is a non-adaptive solution. In the non-adaptive gateway, the admin will get all the payment into his account then a vendor will make withdraw a request to the admin. Then the admin will approve and send the money to the vendor account 🙂

    1. The admin sets the bank detail:https://tinyurl.com/y9cyr363
    2. The customer orders a product and gets the email with the admin bank details:https://tinyurl.com/ydboupxm
    3. The vendors set the bank details on the dashboard:https://prnt.sc/s6jsfb

    4. When the vendor request for withdrawing the details is shown on the withdraw request section so that the admin can send the money manually to the vendor

    I hope you get it 🙂

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    Hi roshni07,
    I think I have got it. Let me make a brief summary, to check if I understood it right:

    1) All money goes to the admin.

    2) The vendor can ask at any time to receive his part. If he does so, the admin will pay him his part manually.

    If so, I have a question, because I want to automate this process as much as it is possible. In the best case, the admin only has to check if everything that was done automatically was correct. In my ideal solution, there is nearly no manual work necessary.

    – Every month the system calculates all the money it has to pay to the vendors. The vendors are informed about the money they will receive automatically by email. A bill about the items sold and the money they will receive is included in that email.

    One week later the system pays all the money the vendors should receive to all vendors automatically.

    Is that possible to create somehow? Either by the use of some plugins or by coding?


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    Hello @rabox66 ,

    I understand your request.

    As of now, we do not have this automatic withdrawal per month system. However, we have a Dokan Stripe Connect module that will connect both admin & vendor’s Stripe account. If an order is placed, it will automatically split the amount between the vendor & admin. There will be no process required in this way.

    You can check more on our site.

    Thank you 🙂

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