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    Hello, I’m relatively new to wp/php, and I’m looking to customize my sidebar navigation. My intention is to have the sidebar list the various categories, and when a particular category is displayed, then (and only then) have the subcategories display beneath the category header in the sidebar. (An example of this is on when you click on ‘plug-ins’ a subcategory menu appears indented beneath ‘plug-ins’.)

    I have been able to figure out that this can be done by creating different templates for each category (each of which would pull a unique form of the sidebar), but I have a feeling that this is a common functionality and is handled somehow by either a plug-in or some basic php programming involving the loop. What this might be, however, escapes me. Any help in addressing this would be greatly appreciated, keeping in mind that I’m not exactly a sophisticated wordpress user and am still trying to understand the basic concepts. Thanky.

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  • I believe it’s called the fold-category plugin. If you search on Google you’ll find it.

    that’s exactly what i’m looking for. thanks. the hardest part about finding that solution was figuring out how to ask the question…

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