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  • I have downloaded your plugin to protect my site from copying the content.

    I get it that you have a Pro paid version with bells and whistles, as most free plugins do, but not having an option to disable protection for admin in the free version is a bit rich.

    This is a BASIC and REQUIRED feature not an optional luxury that people want to have hence buy the Pro version.

    An ethical developer can distinguish between what’s essential and what’s bells & whistles offering both choices. Excluding an essential feature from the free version as a pro feature is an unsavory enforcement of the user to pay for the pro version just to have this basic feature.

    You also left the alert message on the Basic page, while it can be clearly used only in the paid version (it is not coming up at all on the free plugin).

    Not cool at all. I suggest don’t offer anything for free, have only a paid version of your plugin.

    I’m looking for something else, as I don’t like this sort of manipulation by developers.

    I just wanted you to know that your tactic is not appreciated.

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    An alert message is showing now.

    I still would like to remove this protection for myself (admin).

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    Never mind, no need to reply.

    it looks like most if not all plugins in this category do exactly the same thing, which is really disappointing, casting a deep shadow on your industry.

    Hi @magicpowers,

    I think there is some confusion. You can disable protection for the users with admin role with the free version too. Did you enable the disable protection for users with admin role option under the Settings>> WP Content Copy Protection section?

    Also, the thing is we have taken over this plugin from another developer and at that time this option to disable the protection for the admin users was not there at all. We have added this option in the free version.

    We do respect your opinion but I don’t agree that we are manipulating the users in any way. If we are mentioning that a particular feature is there in the free version and later it turns out that you will need the pro version for that then you can call that manipulation. But we are not doing anything of this sort here.

    But again like I said we do respect your opinion. Let me know if you can disable protection using the option I shared or not.

    Kind Regards,

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    Hi @wpupen

    well many thanks for your reply.

    Yes, now I do think that there must be some confusion as I don’t have the setting you are referring to.

    what I can see is: Exclude admin from protection – it says PREMIUM

    But then it hit me.

    There are THREE plugins of almost the same name!

    WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click
    WP Content Copy Protection
    WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design

    I have the first one.

    So it looks like it is not yours…Sorry!!! People often ignore the end part of the plugin name if it is very long….. So yours is the second one?

    ok. Is it compatible with the current WP version? because it was last updated 6 months ago and untested with WP 5.9.

    When will you update it?

    thanks and my apology!

    Hi @magicpowers,

    No worries, it happens as there are multiple plugins with similar names. And yes ours is the second one and yes we have not updated the plugin recently but it is working just fine with the latest version of WordPress so you install it on your site.

    Kind Regards,

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    hi @wpupen

    great, many thanks!

    Happy to help 🙂

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