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  • I have a submission form and a page that lists the submissions(this list page can be viewed as an admin for moderation). I made these pages as a way to learn PHP and before I thought about WordPress. Now I want to incorporate these two pages into my wordpress blog, located at something like “/submit” and “/list-submissions”.

    Now I know there are plugins for wordpress that do submissions, but the ones that I have found are more extensive than I need, and also not as specific to what I’m doing, and lastly I just want to learn how to do it myself.

    I’ve been reading various plugin development guides but I’m still unsure how to approach this problem. The guides I’ve read describe the process of hooking into a currently existing page to extend or change its functionality. I have two pages that are independent from wordpress except that I want to include them within the layout of the blog so I can use the header/rail etc.

    Not sure if I should do this as a plugin or as part of the theme. If it’s a plugin, do I need to create basically a dummy page at “/submission” and then replace the empty “post” content with my form content?

    This is my first time working with WordPress (and posting here) and I want to start off on the right foot and not just hack something together. Thanks so much for any advice you can offer!

    P.S. I tried downloading one of these more elaborate submissions forms to examine the code but there’s a lot going on that seems unrelated to what I’m trying to figure out and so it’s a bit overwhelming.

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