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  • The plugin is decent in what it does, but an essential feature it is lacking is basic article schema data. This is something I’d expect a WordPress SEO plugin to have and most other SEO plugins do have it (Yoast etc.). SEO Framework offers it in its premium extension version for $49 per year and that seems unreasonable.

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  • Use the schema plugin instead.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    From you reply:

    This plugin stands as my statement against capitalism, deception, exploitation, and fabrication in WordPress…

    Meanwhile you ask for $50 annually for basic schema markup.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Yes, that’s correct. Many of the other major SEO plugin authors are still deceiving and exploiting users by fabricated means to feed their needs in capitalism. They are showing ads and even third-party affiliated links in their plugins. Some are even paying hundreds of (guest-)bloggers to “review” (shill for) their plugins acting as if they are real users. They also make you believe that you must have the features they deliver, without delivering any science to back it up.

    A lot is going on about with WordPress plugins that many people don’t know. This dishonesty doesn’t go unnoticed completely, but so far it does go unpunished. It’s indicative of a black market, and I feel like we’re one of the few that are still genuine and pure in this regard.

    In any case, we still live in a capitalistic environment where we have bills to pay. So, yes, that’s also correct: We must ask for money at some level.

    Please keep in mind that I can’t make this software for free in the world we’re living. I can understand it seems unfair that you pay for relatively little extra functionality; but it takes time, food, coffee, electricity, and capital investments in hardware and infrastructure to make this all work. Building this plugin and supporting you is not only something I love to do, but it’s also a means to bring food to the table and cover all expenses.

    With us, the paid-for extensions are for professional users who make a living with the help from our plugins. Websites that haven’t “made it” yet have little to no impact with information, especially so with Articles. From this perspective, I think it’s reasonable to put a price on that.

    Did you know that all extensions are open source? You can take the source and implement it yourself for free, given the knowhow. This freedom is unprecedented, so I understand the confusion around that.

    Lastly, an immeasurable amount of potential liquidation is lost because we keep the plugin clean from advertisements. We don’t have “Go Premium” links and banners in our plugins, which points to that capitalistic behavior I dislike. I also don’t want to let it go unnoticed that I spend most of my time every single day–including this Sunday–to help you make your website visible so your voice can be heard, all without ever actively asking for money.

    With all that said, I believe asking for 14 cents a day is a relatively small price to pay to cover my time for you, while also having a lot of proven and stable functionality available. I am confident users will make a return of their investment in us much sooner than later.

    To close, please don’t cherry-pick the things I say. Words I convey on these matters should be taken literally, verbatim, and as a whole. The piece of information you pulled from my other reply was introductory as a statement, which was followed by our limitations and decisive actions thereafter. Whether I selected the best course of action is up for debate–as I stated there: “[…] finding a balance is difficult.”–, but it shouldn’t qualify disparagement.

    Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you require support or wish to obtain more information. Please do keep it civil; there are real humans at the other end. Thank you!

    I can follow your reasoning and agree with what you say. Thanks for your work, the plugin is great in what it does!

    Please consider adding PayPal to the payment options for premium.

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