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  • I noticed that the image button from url button is gone when i upgraded to wp 2.6

    For me its not a problem as im the admin so all the functions are still available becuase i have an admin account.

    But I have contributers that I have disallowed uploading files to the site. They use to use that image from url button but its disappeared.

    On my add picture button it shows upload a picture and the url form below, but for all my contributers and editor it just has the file upload which they cant use because i disabled it to them using the “Role Manager” plugin.

    Can anyone tell me how I can enable the add picture from url feature again?

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  • make sure the graphic files in wp-admin where all uploaded to your server

    Yes they are, I did it with the automatic updater plugin and it installed successfully.

    It was removed with 2.6. See this thread:

    installing the advanced tinymce plugin will fix this.

    Im not too bothered about having the button back, but now my users cant add images from url from the new add media button. Why did they take it out??

    I have updated four sites using automatic upgrade plugin. Image button missing everytime. Fix was to go through automatic ugrade second time. Worked everytime.

    This is a HUGE problem for me. I sort my images into folders and upload them manually via FTP, as it suits me better to do it this way and makes backing up images from certain folder easy.

    I know that you can use the flash uploader to point at the location of the uploaded images, but it’s slower to do, you have insert the image before you can modify it’s basic properties like border and alignment, and the text entry box doesn’t ‘remember’ what’s been typed in previously – something that the old one used to do, and which became a handy feature.

    PLEASE bring back the old button and let us decide which one we want to use!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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