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  • Hi,

    I am in need of an access management plugin with basic features. The plugin should allow me as an administrator to create users and assign them both a username and password. They (users) receive from me (administrator) their username and password, and then are able to access my WordPress site. It would be helpful (but not an absolute necessity) if the plugin would keep a list with each different member or user along with the date and time when they were given access privileges and the date and time when those privileges were cancelled. Just to be specific the privileges here refer to nothing more than the ability to view the site. The site is to be kept private with a login page as the home page. Those assigned username and password can enter them and from there move on to view the site.

    Can anyone recommend a plugin that would provide this function?

    I have done a fair amount of research but haven’t been able to find a plugin with these features.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • DJ


    You can do this very easily without a plugin, right from the WordPress dashboard. On the left menu bar, click on “users.” You can create new users and choose to send them an email with their login info. You can also assign/change their role, such as “subscriber” or “editor.”

    It doesn’t display date and time info, but there is a plugin called Users Insights that can display user meta data:

    I should also mention that you will receive an email when you create a new user, and that will give you time/date info.

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