• Free version. Very basic. A slight improvement on WordPress Gallery feature. Opens large image from thumbnail (can not size), but places a heavy white border around it. Caption appears below the pop-up image (good feature!), but forward/back buttons are on the image itself – not good for my website which is showing case art created by my client.

    Images: Can either upload new images, or choose from “Other Image Sources” (what does this mean?). I chose “Other Image Sources” and got what appears to be the Media Library (times 2 – there are 2 of every image in the Media Library).

    Watermark Plugin: I use a watermark plugin for this website (branding my client’s art), and the watermark appears on all images in the Media Library. The watermark plugin is set to place a watermark on every image uploaded. However, the watermark does not show on images selected for the Envira gallery – nor does it show on any image selected from “Other Image Sources” (supposedly the Media Library). The watermark does appear on images in the gallery placed on a web page.

    The setup page for each gallery seems to have a lot of hoops to jump through just to get a basic gallery.

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