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  • Resolved beatR


    i have a multisite that runs under …/htdocs/test-kompakt

    under /htdocs/ there are tons of other websites and data. for some reason, Backupwordpress tries to backup everything under /htdocs/ instead of the root of the multisite, /htdocs/test-kompakt. and of course if fails with timeouts.

    is there a setting i can change somewhere to point to the right directory? of course i could exclude all folders and files manually, but that’s cumbersome, especially since the customer is constantly adding new stuff.



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  • Plugin Author katmoody


    Hey there –

    You should be able to use the HMBKP_ROOT constant in your wp-config.php file to specify the root directory of your site. The default is set by the plugin. But I thought for multisite the plugin was network-activated and controlled at the network admin level – was I wrong?

    In any case you would use this line in your wp-config.php file:
    define( 'HMBKP_ROOT', '/htdocs/test-kompakt' );

    Does that work for what you’re needing?


    Hi Kat

    fantastic. great. yes, the plugin is only on network-admin-level, which is perfect, all sites backed up from one place. but somehow it didn’t set the base-directory of the project right. this did the trick:

    define( "HMBKP_ROOT", "/mnt/web223/c3/05/52842605/htdocs/testkompaktde" );

    and the backup finally run thru and looks good, all backed up.


    Plugin Author katmoody


    Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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