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  • I have to say that this gallery plugin, for a free level plugin is outstanding and outstanding to for the developers to enable all the features that they have. With captions and styling options for “with or without captions” etc, links that enable ‘album-like’ tiers … the list goes on… A big thank you and fully recommended!

    I will be looking to supsystic for future plugin needs as well.

    EDIT: 1 of 2

    KEEP in MIND I’m using the FREE version.
    I revised my comments a bit and dropped a star. It is still a great plugin but I spent a lot of time looking for a way to get the gallery title to show, including searching the support etc., unsuccessfully.

    Also seems to allow only one gallery per row. This may be a TwentySeventeen issue.

    Maybe a bug or conflict: It has started doubling the count and therefore the display of images in the lightbox (theme 2 and 4 tested) – i.e. only 2 images but counts 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and the second half of the count is repeating the first half.

    Hopefully the team will have some ideas in response. As I said, I still think it’s a great plugin!

    EDIT: 2 of 2
    Definitely bumping back up to 5 stars because:
    1) Titles from galleries is unavailable in every plugin I tested – about 5, and
    2) multiple galleries on one row was overcome by creating a main gallery and using the image links options (basically the same as albums/galleries), and
    3) The quick and positive response by the plugin author to a free-version user.

    Awesome plugin.

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    OOOPS… I used the same gallery twice on the page for testing layout, so it may be the cause.

    Still, this seems like it needs a conditional fix.

    Plugin Author supsystic


    Hi @aajaanron

    Than you for reporting the issue with two galleries on the one page. We will fix it for you in one of the next versions of the plugin. I will inform you about the update.

    Accordingly Gallery title, currently we don’t have option to display it on the front end. But you still can copy it and paste it in the post near gallery –

    About “one gallery per row” – the gallery can be showed in one row when you have, for example 2 pictures. But in the case you have 5 or 10 huge ones and wide post container – you will see the gallery in several rows. See more inside our Gallery examples –

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    Thanks for the quick response. I have tried a different approach with the plugin with great results so have added an edit to my first post and bumped back up to 5 stars. Thanks again, much appreciated.

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