• Tim Lawson


    I installed a new copy of version 6.11. in MAMP. When I click the “Visit Site” link I receive this error:

    The file wp-config.php already exists. If you need to reset any of the configuration items in this file, please delete it first. You may try installing now.

    I can choose to view any page or post and it works fine. I can view the “Home” page, but if I select a static page in the “reading” settings and make the “Home” page my homepage, I get the above error. In fact, if I select any page for the static page I get that error.

    So going to localhost:8888/site-name/ gets the error, but localhost:8888/site-name/home/ does not, even though they should be going to the same page.

    In doing research into this I have seen the same issue reported for 12 years, but never an answer.

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  • Epic. Your last sentence speaks volumes!

    It seems like if someone were to finally answer this, they’d need a lot more information (your versions, settings, screenshots of settings and file systems, links to these other similar WP forum posts, descriptions of what you did and expected, descriptions of what you found instead when you did that, your thoughts about what might have gone wrong, etc.) from the folks needing answers… and probably great incentive from the folks with answers… considering it’s never yet been done in 12 years.

    Considering it’s never been (publicly) “solved” in twelve years makes me think of two possibilities (which can merge): 1) the problem is eventually solved subtly such that the questioner doesn’t notice when or how how it was solved and 2) the questioner might be doing something sorta… “unique.”



    Clear NGINX cache

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