• This poll software is OK, and it gets the job done. For the free version, though, you can change almost nothing. You can write questions, and change the width and height of the poll. That is literally all you can do. Changing the color presentation is a premium feature. Changing the font is a premium feature. When you’re holding back such basic presentation features behind a pay wall, you probably don’t have a lot more to offer.

    There also doesn’t seem to be any kind of data extrapolation feature at all, even with the free version. If I put up a poll rating system and want an average user rating, that seems to be beyond this plug-in’s capabilities.

    It’s good for cute, one-off polls, but if it will help you collect useful information from your visitors, I can’t find how. If that’s all you want to do, and you don’t care about your presentation, the free version is fine. Pay a few bucks and you can make it a little more stylish.

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