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  • So I have been getting spam from these 8 IPs…
    I banned those IPs through a plugin…
    Each IP in average would try to comment about 6 comments.

    I noticed those spams after I re-did my permalinks to (

    Now that I banned those IPs for about 4 days. ZERO spam comments…

    Just curious about a few things…

    How often do spammers change their IPs?
    Is it done mostly done automatically? The spam was mostly on posts that I created a year ago.

    I moderate comments by the way.

    Is there a way to check those IPs as to what country they are from? (just out of curiosity).

    How do YOU deal with spam from the same IP?

    It is a pain in the arse but I have to do some banning. I don’t want to ban @yahoo/hotmail/other free e-mail providers, or specific countries.

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  • Being a forum admin i have the same problem (the srange would be not to have problem).
    You can use this tool to check the location of the IP. In my forum i’ve seen that a lot of them are from China and Russia.
    I don’t expect legitimate users from China, Russia. So i just ban these IPs.
    In case of a forum you don’t allow the user account to be activated after the registration. The user should either reply to a mail (sometimes spammers register using a fake email address) or get approved form an admin in order to get activated. I suggest the second.
    The admin checks the newly registered user and he choices whether to activate or delete the user.
    This is my experience from forum. As far as it concerns blogs, i ‘ve just started. I have no experience yet.

    Webmasters are at war with russian hackers. My experience is that they automatically change IP’s constantly and regularly. I strongly recommend using akismet. Also use reCAPTCHA. Its good that you moderate comments too. To answer your question about identifying countries for IP’s. Yes, there are many websites that provide the country or origin for IP’s. It’s late and I can’t remember the one that I use right now. But, there are many if you do a search you will find one.

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