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  • Is there a plugin for a banner/ads management system with the following features?

    – Ability to monitor ads usage (views & clicks)
    – Ability to add ad code so that external .gif .jpg and flash banners can be displayed
    – Ability to set a time frame for a ad. For example from 1 sep 2006 till 1 oct 2006
    – Ability to have ads show as random from a choice of x ads

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  • i would also like to see something like this. all the ad managers i see are for text ads. there was wp-ads — which i liked even if it didn’t have all the features mentioned above — but it doesn’t seem to work with wp 2.0+ and additionally the programmer doesn’t seem to be working on it anymore. now i’m using phpadsnew — not a plugin, but lots of features

    Hi chanzero,

    Based on your info, I found

    Maybe something we are looking for. Thanx

    phpAdsNew, and the forked-off “max media manager” now apparently going under ‘openads’, are decent, heavyweight systems. the plugin just helps to get the system included, but you still need to install (and understand) the bulk of phpAdsNew. You can easily do it without the plugin if you have a basic grasp of PHP.

    It’s a good system if you are a medium-to-heavy site, running real banner systems, selling spots, etc. I ran it on a lightweight site, as it gave me an idea of what was being shown — but I had to nuke it when the really, really old version I was running ended up with an exploited spammer vulnerability. If I needed the power, I’d go back to it in a heartbeat (not keeping it up to date was my fault, though I never got any update messages in the administration UI as I’d have expected).

    The reality is that for some people it’ll be overkill. But for others, you’ll have a hard time finding all the features you want in any ‘small script’ ad manager.


    Davidchait I agree with you. I have tried it and its a overkill of option and too complex for me.

    Does anyone know another system?

    Anyone know a sullution?

    I’m looking for something like this as well!

    you can try this WPAds

    Yeah, I found WPAds too. And it’s nearly perfect for me, except for the fact that it can’t track click-throughs. 🙂

    If Nick, or somebody, could add that feature that would be awesome.

    Click track you can make up with good tracking software

    Really help you to analyze your visitor behavior

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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