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    On one of my sites I have the problem that the banner doesn’t appear. It is visible in the sourcecode but the hidden-routine “moove-gdpr-info-bar-hidden” is fired. So the banner moves -200px and is not visible.

    Any idea why this happens?

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  • I have the same problem. On some pages the banner is visible, but on others it’s hidden.



    Me too…


    Thanks for your comments, could you please provide me a site link to check your front-end and provide you a quick fix?



    Me too, but solved 🙂

    My theme deregister jquery and use it’s own version.
    See if this line is in your theme : wp_deregister_script(‘jquery’);



    On my homepage and on pages without Google Ads it’s working fine. But on pages with Google AdSense ads installed, the cookie consent won’t show up.

    An example page that’s running ads (where the cookie consent is not showing up) is

    We’re using WP QUADS plugin to place the ads in-content.


    Hi There,

    Thanks for the link, I’ve checked the site, and it seems you’re pages try to use the ga(send) and _gaq.push() functions, which are defined by Google Analytics, and because the Google Analytics is not present on your website (as it is moved to GDPR plugin) this returns a javascript error and your page stop loading the rest of the assets (including the GDPR assets).
    Please ask your developer, to check your source code, and move the scripts related to Google Analytics to the relevant sections of the GDPR plugin settings, after that should work properly.

    I hope this makes sense to you.

    The following hooks are created to customise the GDPR scripts / page:

    We have implemented hooks to implement custom scripts by php based on the user preferences, check the hooks below:

    HOOK to GDPR custom 3RD-PARTY script by php – HEAD

    function moove_gdpr_third_party_header_assets( $scripts ) {
    	$scripts .= '<script>console.log(“third-party-head”);</script>';
    	return $scripts;

    HOOK to GDPR custom 3RD-PARTY script by php – BODY

    function moove_gdpr_third_party_body_assets( $scripts ) {
    	$scripts .= '<script>console.log(“third-party-body”);</script>';
    	return $scripts;

    HOOK to GDPR custom 3RD-PARTY script by php – FOOTER

    function moove_gdpr_third_party_footer_assets( $scripts ) {
    	$scripts .= '<script>console.log(“third-party-footer”);</script>';
    	return $scripts;

    HOOK to GDPR custom ADVANCED-PARTY script by php – HEAD

    function moove_gdpr_advanced_cookies_header_assets( $scripts ) {
    	$scripts .= '<script>console.log(“advanced-head”);</script>';
    	return $scripts;

    HOOK to GDPR custom ADVANCED-PARTY script by php – BODY

    function moove_gdpr_advanced_cookies_body_assets( $scripts ) {
    	$scripts .= '<script>console.log(“advanced-body”);</script>';
    	return $scripts;

    HOOK to GDPR custom ADVANCED-PARTY script by php – FOOTER

    function moove_gdpr_advanced_cookies_footer_assets( $scripts ) {
    	$scripts .= '<script>console.log(“advanced-footer”);</script>';
    	return $scripts;

    I hope this helps.

    I didn’t move Analytics to the GDPR plugin since we anonymised all Analytics data.

    But you’re right, removing the script that uses gaq.push solved my issue.

    Huge thanks!

    A request for the plugin regarding the analytic cookies:
    We anonymise all Analytics data. We use the option to not log the full IP addresses, we don’t collect demographic data (such as age and interests) and don’t share the Analytics data with Google Analytics.

    Therefore the website user doesn’t have to give permission to place analytics cookies according to GDPR. In the cookie settings I would like to make a tab with analytic cookies, that’s always enabled (user shouldn’t be able to disable this since no consent is needed). That’s currently only possible with the strictly necessary cookies, but it would be great to have this option too with the other tabs.

    Perhaps something to add in future updates. Would be great.

    Thanks for your help so far!

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