• So how come when i am logged in and want to post a comment WP1.5 won’t post it, and comes back telling me that i have been banned from my own blog?

    Log out, it’s fine.
    Log in, Banned message.

    using the default security and discussion setting options.

    Message Text:
    “Sorry, you’ve banned from commenting on this blog.

    Either your comment content was found to contain spam, or
    your IP address (or a subnet of your IP address) has spammed this blog before.

    If you think you got this page in error, your entered name might be too short.

    Strike count: 5″

    what’s up with that?

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  • cleared my cache, re examined all the settings…

    this can’t be right…

    admin get’s banned for posting a comment?

    no one else is having this problem?


    I solved the issue, but not without some trouble and loss of a feature or two.

    i am not able to post while logged in, and here’s what i did:

    After searching the database for anything which might be flagging the Spamminator and telling my own blog that i was a spammer, found nothing.

    I compared the comments.php form strayhorn to the most recent nightly that i had on hand.

    The strayhorn release offers a pretty cool new feature where it knows you, and can tell you that you are logged in. This is nice for many reasons.

    However, when i edited all of these if conditionals out of comments.php i am, once again, able to post on my blog while logged in.

    What is activating the spamminator’s karma score (5) from this simple conditional code in the comment form i can not determine, but it is. and it is no fun.

    So, if you are unable to post to your own WP install when logged in using stayhorn, this is a work around until this is adressed by those more qualified than i am.


    When you get the banned message, view source to see why, that’ll give you a clue as to why. The logged in commenting thing hasn’t been fully tested w/ Spaminator.

    I would so much rather use Spaminator than have WP know who i am as i comment.

    So for now, the removal of this new feature is a quick way to get back to commenting!

    I’m going to upgrade a few more 1.2’s today, so i can view source and add more info here then, if it’s helpful.

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