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[Resolved] Banned Names list ignored

  • i have a multisite 3.51 set up on a linux vps. the problem is that sites can be registered and created for names i have in the Banned Names list under network settings.

    the illegal_names meta key in the wp_sitemeta table has a value of a:1:{i:0;s:50:”www web root admin main invite administrator files test1 test2 test3″;}

    i tried registering banned names as super admin and as a logged-out new user in another browser, both registered banned names with success.

    does anybody have any ideas of what could be causing this? am i missing something? i don’t see any network settings that need to be checked in order to enforce the banned names.

    the domain is werpo.org if you want to give it a shot with one of the banned names listed above.

    thanks much

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  • i’ve been digging into the array that is being saved for the banned names in my network settings page. the serialized array being saved into the wp_sitemeta table contains only a single string value like this:

    a:1:{i:0;s:50:”www web root admin main invite administrator files test1 test2 test3″;}

    when it is saved this way it does not work. any of the banned names can be registered. but then when i manually go into the db and edit the array to contain multiple string values (like below) the banned names function works.


    i have not dug into the code yet to isolate where this happens. this is also a widely used function and i haven’t seen the topic being raised elsewhere. i don’t know how it could be just me though. this is a test install of multisite. i have zero plugins & themes installed. i am running PHP version 5.2.9 and MySQL version 5.0.96-community.

    if anyone has some insight i would greatly appreciate it. the last ticket i see in trac related to illegal_names & serializing was 4 months ago.

    the next thing i’ll do is see if i can duplicate this in another multisite install. if someone is game to take a gander at their wp_sitemeta table and look at the illegal_names value and see what the array looks like, then test registering a banned name on it too, that would be great.


    Are you using BuddyPress?

    no, its an empty install for testing. no plugins installed nor activated. i also have a fresh xampp install doing the same thing.

    Open a new trac ticket for this one. Something’s busted.

    thanks. i’ll submit a trac ticket this evening. 🙂 marking this resolved for now. will see what comes from trac.

    Can you post link to where you are following trac???


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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