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  1. nirmaaan
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    We have decided to use this marvelous Ad Clerum theme in our wordpress based Community Blog site (see: http://www.nirmaaan.com/blog/ ). This is an excellent theme but we are having one problem. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give us some advice.

    It is a Bangla (UTF-8) blogging platform. Content opens fine in Windows and Linux but for some reason they do not open in MacOSX properly, as the fonts do not render correctly. Please note the Macs in question are properly configured for this purpose. Because of the confusion we have trialled our site with WordPress's default theme (kubrick) and with that the contents opened perfectly even on MacOSX. So, it appears that there must be something missing (eg, some essential codes for Unicode Bangla font rendering) in the Ad Clerum theme, which seems to be non-standard compared to the WP Default theme. I spent hours but could not locate the code in question.

    Please would you be kind enough to give us some advice?

    With warm regards

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