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  • Hi Guys!

    Need your help on an important issue! My monthly bandwidth of 25Gb got exhausted yesterday about 4 hours before midnight and caused my blog a downtime!

    Thank god it was only in the last few hours, but my predictions for this month is over 30Gb so I will bust sometime around the 25th or before!

    I currently have their Personal plan @ 2.75$ plus two addon domains (+1.60$), for a total of 4.35$/month.

    I could upgrade my current plan with 2mHost for 2$ for 10Gb extra, I would need two so that 4$ on top of my current 4.35$ so that would be 8.35$ per month for 45Gb bandwith and 1250Mb diskspace for 3 hosted domains.

    Do you have a suggestion of another host with more for less ?
    I really like 2mHost, they have become so reliable (no downtime in a few months) and I don’t want to change for something unreliable.

    Thanks a million!

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  • Just noticed that their All-inclusive package has 50Gb of bandwith and 2Gb of disk space with 2 included addon-domains for 5.75$. That’s exactly what I need, but suggestions are welcomed to see if something better is out there!


    Have you looked at logs to see what’s eating up all the bandwidth? There could be something you could do to cut down on the bandwidth being used; maybe there are some images that aren’t compressed as well as they should be or something.

    Yes, I did this excercise last month and re-compressed all my photos. I saved about 60-70% of their space.
    I now have about 3,000 views daily and I had 57,000 view in March (up by about 45% from Februrary) that’s why it burned down my bandwith.

    What logs are you talking about exactly?

    What logs are you talking about exactly?

    Your website (not WordPress) logs. Be sure to check your logs for image hotlinking. I blocked hotlinking on my sites and doing so reduced my bandwidth by 60%.

    Sh*t! I totally forgot to check that!

    Where can I check that hotlinking is happening ?
    My host has cPanel X.

    Found a tutorial and the hotlink protection of cPanel. It’s active now. We will see if I have less than 1GB of bandwith now! 😀

    Per day that is.

    Where can I check that hotlinking is happening ?
    My host has cPanel X.

    Check for your logs in cPanel. Download the log file, open it with a text editor, and look for other websites (like myspace) loading your image files.

    Do you have a log analyzer that can tell me right off the bat if I have hotlinkers? Nothing related to myspace in there and I don’t want to analyze the whole damn thing by hand 😛

    If you have CPanel, you should have AWStats available… that’s a great general purpose log analyzer. You can see which files are being transferred the most and the top referring domains.

    It finally appeared that I did not have any leeches, I still enabled it anyways.

    I also realized my host is now offering a 3.33$/month plan for unlimited bandwith and disk space! So, there you go, problem fixed for a few bucks!

    I would suggest using 1and1 . I have been using them for 3 months and is running 2 WP blogs and 2 BBPress forums, not a single problem with them. Also if you select them make sure you enable PHP5 via your htaccess file. Theirs plans are really worthy and the plan I use comes with 2 domains included. Costs around $5

    Another problem Is that, I used hostgator earlier, and they sucked big time. Even worse than GoDaddy.

    Maybe you could use a cache.. something like W3 Total Cache, would help use less bandwidth you could also use a CDN something like which offer 1TB for $10. All your images and other cache-able files like css files etc would be hosted on there and decrease your use of bandwidth from your current host it would also speed up your website.

    Its easy to setup the CDN with W3 Total Plugin.

    Wow.. I just see how old this post is.. haha :).

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