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  • I have a wordpress blog : and as I am currently very unhappy with my host – who recently forced me onto a Virtual Private Server (because the number of hits to my SQL database per hour was exceeding some limit they impose) which I simply don’t have the know-how to administrate myself – I am looking to move – possibly to ASO or Laughing Squid after readin recommendations here.

    Looking at my bandwidth figures in Plesk in order to choose the right package for my site(only available for the last 48 hours as I moved server and can’t access historic figures from the old server) my site traffic was at 498MB per day, and this on days when my site was down for approx 30% of the time.

    Which means 15GB per month minimum, and possibly up to 30GB per month.

    Is it normal for a wordpress site to need so much bandwidth? I usually get no more than 2,000 visitors per weekday on sitemeter. I don’t use video, have only used a couple of tiny audioblog files during its whole existence, and my site, including pictures, takes up about 14MB of server space and 7MB for the SQL database.

    I am very much a novice user, just in case you couldn’t tell!

    Any thoughts appreciated, because if there is something I can easily tweak to reduce this bandwidth, or if it seems excessive for a wordpress installation, I’d like to investigate what is wrong before I make a move.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • Not related to your bandwidth, but you can minimize your db activity by installing the wp-cache plugin.

    With plesk, do you have the ability to see which files are the most popular (i.e. use up the most bandwidth) ?

    I know with some site monitoring packages that option is available.




    lets see, Ive used 928.99 MB so far this month, thats about 44Mb a day. And i have a site with bloated graphics and 3 flash objects. Pagerank 5 but traffic is “normal”

    I would say you’re well over the norm.

    I would take a long hard look at your raw Apache logs and see what sort of traffic youre getting, and from where.

    Referer spam can take a heavy toll if youre not watching out for it.

    2,000 visitors a day? real live browser visitors? Ive already done the math in my head after looking at my daily stats, and IF those are real live people, then yeah youre going to use up about as much bandwidth as you suggested.

    Plesk only shows me that http is taking up 93% of this bandwidth, which now totals 1 005.31 MB since Sunday evening. I can’t get a file breakdown. (I do have a link to a pdf up at the moment, which may not help).

    I’ll look into the cache plugin, because it was the number of hits to my SQL database which caused my provider to give me grief in the first place. Perhaps unnecessarily.

    I’m considering using A Small Orange. If anyone fancies referring me – in order to get the free month’s hosting – let me know!

    I just had a month when my website almost used up my monthly bandwidth quota. For the last week, I avoided browsing my site, and didn’t blog using WordPress, to try to make it through the month without having my web host shut down my site for overage. I made it.

    So now I’m looking for a solution to prevent the referrer spam bots from eating my bandwidth. I found this PHP script called CCI Website Security Script, originally at a website (which is now gone?), but the source code can be found at —

    Wondering if someone who is familiar with PHP development can look at the code and confirm it is a safe script (and not a rogue malware thingy?)

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