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  • I have separate WP installations on a site for my children and their cousins. I noticed in September and October that the bandwith has jumped dramatically and it appears that spam/porn type sites are accessing /index.php?disp=stats. I upgraded all WP to 1.5.2 and it is still happening. Other than banning the IP’s is there anything else I can do?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Install this:
    It should help.

    I have installed Bad Behaviour and hope it resolves the problem. Thank you 🙂

    I have bad behavior installed for the last several days. I haven’t had any of the “spam” of the sort I had before that, the “nonsense” kind with them faking their name and putting three actual blog post urls of other people in the comment.

    BUT … I do have the same referrer problem, they come in beforehand and get my wp-commentsrss2.php … it’s annoying and I don’t want it… the referrers are in my CG-Referrer list and I hate it, they come in groups of 10 to maybe 20 or more, per domain referrer name.

    I had only CG-Referrer before I installed bad-behavior and I don’t know how it’s working, as I thought it would bounceout what I had in the blacklist … I have looked in it and surely the right things are in it, CG-Referrer is logging phentermine and texas-holdem and other junk, but not labeling it as bad, or blocking it. I didn’t have the “PUNT” option turned on, so I did that then, and still nothing was “punted”. I can hit the “TAG” button in the CG-Referrer interface and that tags whatever is in the database already, but still nothing new gets tagged or blocked by itself.

    I did the PUNT feature in CG-Referrer for a day or two before intalling Bad-Behavior … and then turned that PUNT off once I had BB installed, and still they were coming in and getting logged in CG-Referrer as visitors pulling in the commentsrss2.php and not getting automatically tagged or blocked … and neither were they getting blocked or tagged with any code in the Bad-Referrer database (veiwable via MySQL)

    Today I got a crap comment from a marketer who has software to find blogs and views *pam as good for blogs.

    I had a post on *pam the other day and called it by it’s full name. That’s howcome I had that comment. Automated find keywords and post a comment and a link … automatic and it’s being marketed on their site.

    Now, I have blogs for my own sake, to write about things and anyone else is welcome to read them and submit real comments relevent. Blogs are for people for their own purposes, not for marketers and affiliates of products. Urg!

    At any rate, in Bad-Behavior log it IS denying some comments, and I haven’t had one of those old *pam type comments in moderations since I installed it.

    But it’s allowing commentsrss2.php draws from things it logs same as cg-referrer does, the *pam-word domains… which were always a precursor to taking comment hits later.

    BTW I have WP-Hashcash installed all along too. FWIW

    I’d just like to know if anything is capable of bouncing, punting, whatever you want to call it, and making it notabley noticable by the site owner in the logs. As far as I can tell, none of the commentsrss2.php GETS are denied, and none are tagged with deny codes, unless with CG-Referrer I manually press “Tag” but as I said, that’s only for things in the database already and has not done anything to future same visitors …

    I only want to do this since *they* have no need of my site information if they aren’t legit visitors, and they surely are not.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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