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    This website is for the band The Surf Report. It is not really a blog but uses wordpress to allow the members of band to update the content on nearly all of the pages.

    Before starting this project I was already familiar with WordPress as I use it for my personal blog. For some reason, though, I thought that I might like to learn and use Joomla for this website. After a few weeks, I was extremely frustrated and decided to turn back to good ol’ WordPress. Thanks to all of the good documentation and modules available, most of the website development was easy for me from then on.

    WordPress Rocks!

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  • another good one that i came across last night is MudSugar …

    Hi DesignPastor,
    I am new to WordPress. Does use wordpress? I have an assignment to complete.

    I was asked to integrate WordPress into a website which uses MS Access as its backend database. What does “integrating WordPress” into a Website mean?

    Please explain or direct.


    Yes, look to the footer, its powered by wordpress. But im not sure how to integrate wordpress? Maybe have a site and a blog attached for updates, or use the wordpress loop and hack it so you can have a normal site with bits of wordpress attached? I’m no good at code so don’t ask me 🙂




    I know the guy who runs, hes VERY talented. He has a custom phpBB theme that he no longer uses, I have a copy ))) — very nice theme and one of a kind.

    whooami: mind sharing?

    designpastor @

    btw: website just blows my mind. really a good site!!

    Thanks DesignPastor : )


    I checked out the Surf Report website, very nice!

    I would just comment that your pages are showing up with a black background when I view them in IE6 – which makes them very hard to read. FYI.

    Anyways, I see you are using Event Calendar 3 to list gigs. How’s that working out for you? I looked at Event Calendar before but decided against it for some reason, but the format that you have it showing up with (i.e. “Upcoming shows”) is exactly what I was looking for. Care to share how you customized it?

    I was also curious about your “add to mailing list” in your sidebar. Are you by chance using a plugin for that? *crosses fingers*

    Anyways, site looks great, good luck.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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