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  • The spammers have changed tactics again; now they’re not including their spam in the comment, but are putting the spamvertised link in the URI field so it isn’t caught by the spam filtering options.
    At the moment I’ve got a scumbag posting one of these comments on EVERY post, starting from #1. Now I’ve banned the IP in my .htaccess file.
    Getting to the point, it would be very useful if we could add banned IPs to our .htaccess file using an option by the IP field in the comments admin section.
    OK, in the long term they’ll just change IP. But in the short term, it stops them from being able to do every post in one go.

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  • Would you mind putting up an idiots guide to how you did that in .htaccess for the benefit of less techie users. ? A lot of us have the same problem right now.
    We would really appreciate it. Thanks

    I’m having the same issue. Is it Partypokeronline? I’ve got my blogs set up so that all comments have to be approved by me before showing up, but I’m sick of playing Whack-A-Mole.

    Yep, same person doing mine.
    Here’s what I put in .htaccess (it’s probably the same IP doing it to you):
    Deny from
    That’s all you need.

    Yeah, same guy, same IP address, and that’s what I added to my .htaccess file as well. Boy, that was easy. The trouble has stopped.

    Same here. Thanks for that. It finally forced me into the htaccess. Nothing to it once you get started. Thanks for the heads up and encouragement guys.

    Are you using any of Kitten’s spam tools at all?

    Meanwhile, we can all let it be known that these guys are doing this. Check out’s reaction to the same problem caused by Party Poker today…. (Honest, this really isn’t a spam address 😉

    Nope, I’m not using any spam tools other than what’s built into WordPress.
    Incidentially, the morons are still going at it. Obviously they can’t access anything anymore, but they’re still trying. Must be an unintelligent automated script.
    Oh, and to report the guy to his ISP, e-mail

    If you have Cpanel on your site, the ip deny is automatic.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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